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Picking the right technique with the right technician

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Whether you're new to permanent makeup or not you probably have questions about what permanent makeup techniques are and what they mean.

What are the techniques?

The 3 permanent makeup procedures are eyeliner, brows and lips, within each of these procedures there exists 3 techniques. The techniques used on a client are sometimes decided based on clients skin type, age, natural eyebrows and what would serve those factors best. However, in most cases clients can decide which technique they want based on the desired look and effect.

The 3 brow techniques

  • Microblading

  • Microshading

  • Shading

The 3 Lip techniques

  • Blushed

  • Ombre Effect

  • Lipstick Effect

The 3 Eyeliner techniques

  • Lash Enhancement

  • Winged

  • Smokey

What about technicians?

Permanent makeup newbies often express worry that since permanent makeup is a new concept that has grown quickly permanent makeup artists will not have the experience, training and artistic talent necessary to achieve beautiful and natural results. Choosing the right technician is very important, finding one who has blood borne pathogens training, is certified by Texas state law, and is constantly working to expanding their training and be difficult. Here at posh our technicians have not only gone through the necessary channels to be certified in Texas, they also teach classes to help aspiring technicians receive their own certifications.

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