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Key steps to finding a PMU artist

Where should I go for my Eyebrow MICROBLADING procedure?

Microblading is A LARGELY UNREGULATED TREATMENT IN US. This means some permanent makeup artists out there do not have the proper training or ability to do safe procedures. Agata Soldato has been in the Permanent Cosmetics industry since 2011. She has been trained from International Trainers in Permanent Makeup like James Olaya, Branko Babic and Mariana Freitas. Now Agata hosts International Training Master Classes herself and has trained each of her team members herself.

Clients need to be well informed and given the opportunity to ask artists lots of questions before allowing that artist to conduct their procedure. Here are 5 key steps that you should following when finding a permanent makeup artist.

Ask your Permanent Makeup Artist about

> Education background (minimum of 6 months training) > Knowledge of skin and pigments > Hygiene (Blood borne Pathogens Certification) > Techniques

It’s Not Just Another Treatment

It is a serious process with the possibility of serious repercussions. As the skin is being opened up and pigment being implanted, there is a risk of infection. Make sure your provider has a valid Health Protection License – this should be displayed in a visible area of the salon/studio. POSH PERMANENT MAKEUP is regulated by TDLR and the Texas Health Department. We believe in a fully disposable treatment. Nothing is reused. No exceptions.

Eyebrow Shape Mapping

Any good brow artist will measure out and outline your brow shape before ever touching you with a permanent makeup tool. The main goal is symmetrical eyebrow shape. If this part is left out – RUN.

Don’t Bargain Hunt!

Price should be the very last thing on your agenda. We understand that budgets can be tight from time to time. We suggest waiting rather than rushing off and doing something you regret later. Often buying cheap means buying twice – or in this case hundreds of dollars spent on tattoo removal, and then paying again to have your brows redone.

Do Your Research

Ask LOTS of questions, ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations – word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Posh Permanent Makeup has more than 100 reviews on social media. It proves that our main goal is make our clients satisfied with their experience.

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